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Alexis Rosso

Wishing to pass on his expertise and mastery, Alexis Rosso is launching his training courses in order to allow professional hairdressers to extend their skills on textured and natural hair materials: wavy, curly, curly and frizzy and to finally find a range of training courses adapted to their expectations. For this Alexis Rosso decides to be certified as an approved independent trainer certified ICPF since 2017 and Qualiopi certified provider training organization category: Training action since 2020.

After all his years of sublimating and training in the four corners of the world, Alexis Rosso decides to become Approved and Contracted as a Hair Technician.

Meeting with Alexis Rosso

"I first worked as a hairdresser, before becoming a hairdresser technician for MAI laboratories, a status that allowed me to travel, to experience what was done elsewhere in terms of hair techniques. I had the opportunity to improve my mastery of hair in the United States, by experimenting with all the techniques that exist to treat curly and frizzy hair. After the opening of my hair salon Le temple du rouge which I held for two years, I opted for the status of studio hairdresser, an aspect of my job that allows me to give free rein to my creativity and the free use of techniques to enhance the hair.
Today, I am a studio hairdresser, Mizani Ambassador hairdresser since May 2005 and trainer for hairdressers who wish to perfect their knowledge and skills...

My role as a studio hairdresser is to sublimate a naked model in order to create a look and an identity according to the eye of the photographer and the stylist. Today in addition to my other functions, I am a hair prosthetist under agreement in order to respond to anyone exposed by partial or total hair loss, it is for me the very essence of my profession in order to provide them with the best solutions and techniques adapted through respect for their identity and their original textures.

Hairdresser Ambassador Mizani L'Oréal​

The MIZANI products from L'Oréal seduced me for the care that its designers have taken in exploring wavy, curly, curly and frizzy hair in order to create products specific to all its sensitivities. Representing the brand is for me the opportunity to highlight the various international trends because the MIZANI range covers France and the USA, temples of Afro hair culture. By performing my role as MIZANI Ambassador Hairdresser, I want to offer women a range of all the possibilities that exist to make themselves beautiful on a daily basis.”

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